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Waves Vocal Bender Plugin

by MMP

Manipulate your vocals in real time for the most popular sounds in hip hop, pop, R&B and electronic genres.

Vocal Bender Plugin for Real-Time Voice Manipulation

Waves Vocal Bender plugin is a comprehensive set of sonic transformations for vocals, drums and other audio. It can be used to add delays, vocoder sounds, filters and even re-pitch vocals without changing their tempo! Waves Vocal Bender is a versatile new plugin from Waves Audio that can do it all; it has just about every trick in the book.

Vocal tracks are often complex and difficult to work with. SFX manipulation like pitching down or adding reverse effects are usually only found in sample-based instruments (i.e., loops).

Some common uses for this Vocal Blender Plugin VST are to create Dubstep, Trap or R&B vocal effects by inverting, pitching and distorting vocals. You can also create sounds that you haven’t heard before. There are many applications for the Waves Vocal Bender Plugin – almost any sound can be made using it.

Waves Vocal Bender is also a good tool to use in the studio to experiment with different sounds and effects without having to alter the original vocal track.

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