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How to make Melodic House Music like Ben Böhmer

by MMP

In this tutorial our instructor Julian (Bound to Divide) shows you his melodic house track in the style of Ben Bohmer using Ableton Live 11.

Ben Böhmer is a German composer, producer and DJ. This music is usually played in the style of a house track but has a really deep, timeless groove that evolves around the two main rhythmic elements of house: the kick and the bassline. Ben Böhmer has developed his own musical style and is considered one of the most influential German DJs.

Melodic House music genre is defined by its deep, hypnotic feeling and rhythmic groove. This requires a really good melodies, chords and basslines with a strong rhythmic elements. Melodic House music mostly uses soft synths with chords and basslines that feel really good to listen to.

For this Ableton Live music production tutorial, we start from explanations of the groups – the filtering and sidechain. Then Julian goes through all the musical elements that compose the track. The melody and drone, the bassline and arpeggiator, and the pad & background lead. At the end we go through all the drum elements.

This will be a great start for anyone wanting to learn how to make music like Ben Bohmer.