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Waves Clarity Vx Pro vs. Clarity Vx

by MMP

Plugin Differences & Tutorial

Clarity Vx and Clarity Vx Pro are both plugins for Audio Mastering. The only difference is that the Clarity Vx pro includes a high-quality interface and four extra files-in-one design. This expansive design allows for convenience, ease of use, and more flexibility when editing audio files. With this incorporation of additional features comes an increased price tag.

Clarity Vx Pro
In 2012, Waves released an updated version of Clarity Vx, which they named Clarity Vx Pro. As with many software updates, the intent is to improve upon the original and provide users with more features. The updated version of Clarity VX offers a new interface, four bonus plugins and a plethora of additional presets. In addition to these improvements though, Waves also included full AAX 64 compatibility as a free update. This update was so substantial that users of older versions were prompted to try out the new version for free before upgrading.

Waves Audio Ltd has made it clear that this improved plugin is intended for use in professional audio mastering applications rather than for music production.

Highlights of Clarity Vx
Clarity Vx is designed to boost audio tracks and make them more pop-friendly and radio worthy. Clarity Vx’s main purpose is to give audio a “thrill factor” by emphasizing highs, lows, and other frequencies which are typically under-emphasized. This plugin is meant to be used on the master channel only, but it can also be used on individual channels for an effective tracking or mixing tool.

In addition to the thrill factor, the plugin has equalization controls which can be adjusted easily for personal preference. Using a three-band EQ with high pass, lowpass and mid band controls gives users a wide range of options when it comes to making their song pop out of the speakers.

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