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Wub Bass Sound Design with Vital VST

by MMP

How to make Wub Bass Sounds for Dubstep Music. A “wub” is a bass sound made by quickly plucking two or more strings in rhythm with a drum beat. The “wub” is an essential component of the dubstep genre and it keeps the listener captivated.

A wub bass sound can be achieved in many ways, but the easiest way to produce one that sounds consistent is to make sure each pluck meets on a down-beat of a 4/4 drum pattern.

Why are wub bass sounds so popular?
Dubstep artists use wub bass sounds because they create a nice, aggressive feel and they are easy to make.

From a listener’s perspective:
Wub bass sounds are familiar because they sound similar to the bass lines used in pop music.
Wub bass sounds create a feeling of anticipation.
The rhythm of the wub is similar to that of many other familiar beats (e.g. hip hop).

The Free Vital VST is great for making wub bass sounds.

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