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Waves Tune vs Melodyne Plugin Comparison

by MMP

Melodyne is a software application for pitch correction, which is built by Celemony. If you are looking for the best pitch correction plugin, Melodyne might be your answer.

First, a little about each auto tune plugin.

The Waves Tune plugin features a very user-friendly interface that features an independent semitone value display per audio channel. This gives a lot of flexibility in terms of tuning curves.

There’s also an excellent feature called “scaling”, where the mid and side controls can be used to change the pitch without changing the relative volume setting. This is very handy when compressing with side-chain compression, because it allows you to keep the relative volume from one track to another, even if you need to adjust the overall pitch.

The Tune plugin has a very powerful equalization section that allows you to make constant changes in your signal’s frequency spectrum, while preserving its relative volume.

Waves Tune Plugin, in my opinion, this is one of the best pitch correction plugins on the market. I like it mainly because I can easily see pitch changes via large green bars that are easy to see on a recording monitor with an excellent real-time display of small pitch adjustments that I can make with my mouse or touch pad controller.

What makes this plugin unique from its competitors is its ability to dynamically change your audio track’s volume over time without changing its pitch.

Melodyne Auto-Tune is a powerful tool for pitch editing and correction.

It can be used in two ways: working with the Melodyne Editor (which allows you to edit audio files in their entirety) or as an insert effect for audio tracks.

Melodyne greatly increases your editing capability and the ease of use is the main reason why it’s so popular in the music industry.

The plugin provides a user-friendly interface where you can adjust special effects, change song tempos, or modify vibrato. You can also record notes from your keyboard with Melodyne installed.

The difference between Tune and Melodyne is that Tune only allows you to adjust the pitch with one octave at a time while Melodyne has more flexibility with its plugin settings.

Another difference between these two products is that Tune requires you to use their plug-in software while Melodyne doesn’t. Let’s take a look at both plugins in depth and make an informed decision as to which one will be right for your needs as a musician or audio engineer.

Both plugins are available in VST for DAWs including: Pro Tools, Bitwig Studio, and Logic Pro. You can also find them in AAX for Pro Tools 11 and higher, and as AU plug-ins for Logic Pro X.

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