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Nashville Scoring Strings for Kontakt

by MMP

Nashville Scoring Strings for Kontakt Library is a package with three solo cello performances (with and without scoring) on one page, as well as an accompaniment score in the style of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 2. The score provides fingering suggestions for the soloist’s left hand; one or more MIDI tracks each playing a different part, with tempo indications that can be used to create a new and unique sound palette; and the ability to alter both pitch and timbre from instrument to instrument.”

Nashville Scoring Strings has been reviewed by many musicians.

They think the best features of Nashville Scoring Strings plugin are:

The sounds are varied; unlike typical string libraries, you get some more jazzier parts and some more classical parts. There is a good amount of control over the timbre and intensity of each sound. I had some minor issues with sound quality on one part but it was quickly resolved by switching to the high quality mode in Kontakt. It also includes a score which is fun to play along with. The variety of articulations is great; pizzicato, tremolo, spiccato, staccato, legato. The mix parameter allows you to fade between the various instruments in an instant. Great for creating dynamic cue mixes on the fly. It mixes well with other string libraries and adding in extra guitars really helps widen the soundstage and make it more realistic.

Check out the video review of Nashville Scoring Strings plugin above as well.

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