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Vital Dubstep Sound Design using Unison Modes

by MMP

The Secrets to Weird Dubstep Bass Sound Design

Under the advanced tab in the Vital Free Synth VST lies some extremely slept on features, able to turn simple unison voices into one of a kind dubstep basses, pushing the limits of sound design and blowing the minds of anyone careless enough to tread near.

This advanced tab in Vital is where you’ll find the following features:

  • Polyphonic Marquee
    Ensuring that you’re in your most talented voice, this feature will slowly move each note of your phrase up, creating a very atmospheric and moving effect.

    It’s like a smooth tune from the start to finish, but it’s got a lot of character and an interesting melody. I like to use this on drum loops or with melodies. Experiment! This can add some nice atmosphere to simple acoustic instruments or melodies as well.
  • Double Glide Speed Slider (OSV) controls the speed of gliding sound, making it faster or slower for whatever you want.

To be honest, this feature is absolutely amazing and I use it in almost everything I do. In its simplest form, it allows you to have a very nice glide to your sound, making your notes swerve around the mix as they would in a dubstep track with tons of reverb and delay…except this time you get to control the speed of that reverb.

This tool is what really makes these modes shine because it’s essentially the secret sauce of most dubstep rolls. It gives your sound that almost “glitchy” element that is so common in modern dubstep and trap music.

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