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PITCHMAP VST Plugin Review

by MMP

Bass Music Producer, AHEE is covering all the dope uses of Zynaptiq’s PITCHMAP VST Plugin. The Future Riddim & Color Bass plugin that tunes all the harmonics of a sound to a scale! We’re gonna use Ableton & Xfer’s Serum to demo this beast of a plugin!

Zynaptiq’s PITCHMAP VST is the world’s first and only plug-in that allows processing the pitch of individual sounds within mixed signals in real-time.

Pitchmap VST Features:
Mix, pitch shift, normalize and morph the pitch of individual sounds while mixing with other audio signals.

The Pitchmap VST features 6 different algorithms to change the pitch of individual elements in audio:

Mono processing algorithm PitchShiftMono resynthesizes the original mono parts from a stereo signal into monophonic vocals or instruments. PitchStretchMono and PitchStretchStereo are derived from this algorithm for further processing.

Modulate the sound with different key-shapes. PitchShiftScales & PitchShiftRandom scales the pitch of a sound over a random scale and can be used per voice or globally.

Randomize and shift the time of individual sounds within each layer in mono, stereo or in mono and mono combined. PitchShiftTime is derived from this algorithm for further processing

Transform individual elements within mixed signals with an assortment of retro-synthesis functions, such as FM synthesis, phase distortion, resonance and frequency modulation.

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