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How to Make Organic Deep House like “All Day I Dream” Artists

by MMP

Musical Characteristics to consider when making Organic Deep House

Organic House Music is a modern version of beautiful, deep music. Deep house artists tend to use the thick, rhythmic basslines and drum machine sound instead of acoustic instruments. The focus is often on intricate bass and vocals. The compositions are more complex than just a beat and a big, fat bassline. Deep house focuses on the lyrics, melodies and harmonies. It combines the passion of soul and disco with the songwriting craft of pop music. Modern deep house is an emotional genre; it’s about love, sex, heartbreak—the full gamut of human experience.

All Day I Dream parties began on a baking Brooklyn rooftop back in 2011 and have since become an international sensation, spurred on by Lee Burridge’s signature technicolor emotionalism, the sort that’s all too rare in the current electronic music scene.

All Day I Dream parties are known for their unparalleled musical diversity; Lee Burridge’s DJ sets unearth new tracks from four decades’ worth of soul, disco and house music, bringing something fresh and vital to each set. He rarely plays tracks from any one artist or genre more than twice, choosing instead to follow each set with an entirely new selection tailored specifically to that moment.

Inspired by his desire to bring the joy he felt as a child in the days of the Summer of Love (and by the time he was a teenager, working in a record store), Lee has always attempted to find a balance between the past and present, between the music he loved from his youth and more contemporary influences.

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