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The BEST Auto-Tune for Vocals

by MMP

There are four Antares Auto-Tunes available called Auto-tune Access, EFX+, Artist, and Pro. In this tutorial, Reid Stefan Realest Puppet in the Game directly compares each version.

The Best Auto-Tune Plugins

I want to tell you about the features and functions of the Antares Auto-Tunes VST plugins for music production, which is a great software that has all the best tools available to help you get a great sound. I will go through each individual function and what it does, then talk about how they can be applied.

I will cover three plugins in total which are Auto-Tune EFX, Pitch Corrector Pro, and Voice Transformers. The first plugin is Auto-Tune EFX which is an equalizer for vocals that allows you to shape your sound with one of eight presets for different effects like vocal distortion or delay.

First, let’s dive into the pros of using Auto-Tune EFX. It is a very simple to use plugin and has been made user friendly by being able to be controlled by MIDI. You can easily make preset adjustments to your sound because the interface contains all the sliders you need for changing your sound. The interface is also very clean and easy to use. Another great feature of Auto-Tune EFX is that you are able to process the different channels individually. This means you have the freedom of adjusting each channel’s equalizer separately which can help with correcting certain frequencies in order to get a better sound from each individual vocalist.

In addition, Auto-Tune EFX has multiple filters that allow you to get a more fine tuned result when applying changes to an audio track.

This Auto Tune plugin VST, Pitch Corrector Pro allows you to be able to pitch shift your audio tracks and create harmonies or double tracks so you can create a full sound for a song. This is a great feature for music producers who want to create harmonies in their songs. In addition, it allows you to time stretch your audio files to change the tempo of the song. This is great for music producers as it allows you to adjust the length of an audio file without changing the pitch or vice versa.

One good benefit of Pitch Corrector Pro is that once you have downloaded it, you are given the option of downloading different preset packs that contain many different settings and plugins that relate to each other allowing you to be able to download one plugin which will contain multiple plugins with different features.

Antares Voice Transformers features include the ability to change voice characteristics, such as vibrato and pitch, but it also allows you to create robot voices or alter the gender of a voice. One cool feature is that you are able to set your own key and scale for the plugin so it can automatically fit into your song. This means that you are able to change the key and scale of a vocal track and if the vocals fit then they will be changed automatically.

Voice transformers also offers extensive pitch correction and audio manipulation with real-time visual feedback. As far as pitch correction goes, there are six different algorithms that allow you to choose how much pitch correction is applied to an audio file.

All three of these Antares plugins, Auto-Tune EFX, Pitch Corrector Pro and Voice Transformers are great plugins for music production. Their features are very useful for music production and there are many benefits to using them. I think the best benefit is that they integrate with the Antares Auto-Tune software that allows you to be able to use all of their features from within the software. Also, they have presets which means you can choose a preset and customize it to your liking by using sliders to change settings or directly selecting settings within the plugin interface.

I think Antares makes the best auto tune plugins because it is very easy to use, has great features and is easy to use as well. Not only that, it has powerful presets so finding the perfect settings for your song is a breeze. The Antares plugins are also very simple to use and have been made user friendly by being able to be controlled by MIDI.

The main things that I would change about these plugins is to add more presets as they only have a few presets available at the moment.

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