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Drum Monkey Torrent

by MMP

Drum Monkey VST is a drum machine plugin for Windows and Mac. Is Drum Monkey plugin worth the money, or are you looking for the Drum Monkey Torrent?

Drum Monkey comes with a number of pre-recorded sounds that can be extended with app audio samples in order to create your own custom drum kits. With its diverse range of capabilities, Drum Monkey is the perfect tool for anyone wanting to learn how to use a VST plugin.

However, is Drum Monkey plugin worth the money? Let’s find out.


1) Vacuum Cleaner. It absolutely blows your mind away. You can use over 200 drum samples and thousands of individual hits and effects. If you’re ready to join the virtual world of cymbals, cowbells, hi-hats, snares, and crashes then please read on.

2)Drum Kit Creator. Simply load drum samples into Drum Monkey’s collection. This is Drum Monkey’s secret sauce that gives it the unique production capability to create those authentic beats that define Hip Hop’s legacy. Also, you can customize your own drum kit in Drum Kit Creator and save it as a project file.

3) MIDI Learning. Drum Monkey is more than just a plugin for creating and sequencing drum patterns. It’s also an educational tool that makes it easy for anyone to learn how to use VST instruments. The MIDI Learning feature allows any VST enabled software, such as Pro Tools or Acid, to control Drum Monkey through MIDI input.

I’ve read and watched a variety of reviews on Drum Monkey beat making plugin. The reviews are mixed in nature. One of the downsides is that there is no demo version available and the Drum Monkey VST is not cheap. So, a lot of people are looking for a Drum Monkey Torrent.

First what is a Torrent?
Torrents, which are also known as BitTorrent files, are a type of file that contain more than one digital file. The word torrent is derived from the word torrential, meaning that torrents are associated with torrential rain. A torrent can be anything from a movie, game or music to programs and updates for software products. As soon as you download your Torrent from the internet you can start playing immediately.

This Drum Monkey Torrent link may help you try Drum Monkey VST out before purchasing it, but we don’t condone using Torrents. Here is the link:

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