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How to use Automation in Ableton like the Pros

by MMP

Zen World goes goes over one of the most useful things you will learn in your music production career to bring impact and life to your music, AUTOMATIONS. Automations can be as simple as introducing an element in your Dance track to create moments in your track that people will be able to remember to identify your track. In this video, I will be taking the approach of explaining the basics and then moving on to more advanced examples of automation and how you can utilize return tracks and some creativity to create moments and unique effects in your tracks.

One of the many features Ableton offers is automation, which allows you to record changes in your DAW (digital audio workstation) and apply them to your project. For example, if you want a synth sound to gradually fade-in after 8 seconds of waiting, then there is an automated way for you do that with Ableton.

Before you dive into a more detailed discussion of the use of automation in Ableton, let’s first discuss the basics.

In case you are already familiar with this tool in your DAW, then let me explain what it does. It allows you to record or save a parameter value on an audio clip. After that, you can go back and edit this parameter either by hand or through some automated adjustment methods. If there are parameters on other tracks or clips which need to be changed based on the recorded parameter values, you can also use this feature to automate them as well.