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SM7b vs. RE20 Mic Comparison

by MMP

Today we compare two of the best and most popular podcast and radio microphones on the market, the Shure SM7b and the Electro Voice RE20. These microphones each have their benefits and detriments. Let’s Review them both below.

The Shure SM7b and the Electro Voice RE20 are two of the most popular podcast and radio microphones. They’re both designed for professional use, but we compare these two popular mics in order to see which is best suited for your needs.

Here are a few key differences between them:

  • The Shure mic features a more low-end response, whereas the Electro Voice’s is more sensitive to high frequencies.
  • The Shure mic has a much wider pattern of off-axis rejection than that of the Electro Voice.
  • The Electro Voice mic has an internal battery that can be easily replaced with new or recharged 8 AA batteries, while the Shure cannot.

Shure SM7b Mic

The Shure SM7b has been on the market for a long time and is one of the most popular interview microphones around. There are many pieces of information out there on the internet that claim that it is the best podcast and radio microphone in the world. But we decided to compare the Shure SM7b to the Electro Voice RE20, which was recently released by Electro Voice, and we found out that they’re not quite as different as one would expect.

Key features of the Shure SM7b microphone include:

  • The Shure is a side-address mic, meaning that it looks like any other dynamic microphone out there. However, the Shure SM7b comes with its own pop filter.
  • The Type 7 capsule offers a wide frequency response range, which makes the mic ideal for stereo recording and voice-over use.
  • The microphone is designed to resist off-axis coloration and feedback. It also has a tailored back-electret design that gives you a more defined low end than most other dynamic microphones on the market today.

Electro Voice RE20

The Electro Voice RE20 mic is one of a new breed of mics produced by Electro Voice. The original RE20 has been used in recording studios since 1989, with millions sold around the world. By introducing the latest technology available, Electro Voice improved the sound quality and reduced some of the inherent background noise of their predecessor. The RE20 has a wider frequency response than the SRH140DJ, which is what makes it great for recording electric guitars. The RE20 also comes with a very handy clip-on headphone amplifier, which can be attached to any stereo or even mono stereo audio system.

Key features of the Electro Voice RE20 microphone include:

  • Can be used as a studio mic, live performance mic and podcast broadcast mic.
  • The Frequency Response is 40 Hz – 16 KHz. The presence frequency is 6 dB down at 5 KHz, and the bass frequency is 5 dB down at 80 Hz.
  • The RE20 has a more high back-electret pressure diaphragm that makes it a bit more sensitive than the Shure SM7b, which also contributes to its ability to capture high frequencies as well. This makes it ideal for micing guitar amps and other similar instruments during recording or broadcast.

Pricing and Availability:

Both of these mics are available online from Amazon at fairly competitive prices.

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