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How to make a Lane 8 Track in Ableton

by MMP

Bound to Divide takes you start to finish in this music production course in the style of Lane 8. This 4 Hour Ableton Tutorial will take you through the whole music creation process and you’ll finish this track in a Melodic House or Deep House style track.

The Producing Style of Lane 8

Lane 8 is an up-and-coming producer and DJ in the electronic music scene. He is known for his pioneering use of Ableton, morphing it into a multi-sampled studio through Ableton’s Drum Rack and Instrument Rack. He was also responsible for the deep house genre’s evolution towards darker, more complex electronic music with the addition of vast amounts of delay effects.

One aspect that sets Lane 8 apart from many other producers is his highly unique style: he plays basslines on his MIDI keyboard with one hand while playing the percussion with the other hand on the drum rack.

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