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How to Make Music like Lane 8 – EDMtips

by MMP

Will from EDMtip shows you how to produce Melodic House music in the style of Lane 8 using Ableton Live 11.

Produce Music like Lane 8

Hey, it’s Will from EDMTips, today I’m going to  show you how to produce melodic house in the style of Lane 8. I’m going to be working as quickly as possible and, as usual, you can download  the project file, all the samples completely free below this video, and, if you enjoy it, please like, subscribe to my channel and share it with your friends.  

Okay, without further ado, let’s hop into the DAW and get it done. Now, bear  with me today. I’m going to talk about the vibe in a sec but I’m a bit COVIDed up at the moment, so I might not be as full as beans as I usually am but in the words of the eponymous T. E. Lawrence: 

“The trick, Potter, is not minding that it hurts”. With that said, let’s get to it. So, we’re going to choose 122 as the tempo and I’m going to base this track on Lane 8 track road, which is a beautiful track and in terms of his vibe there’s lots of ethereal layers it’s very warm sounding it’s not aggressive you know everything is quite gentle and mild and beautifully produced lots of nuance lots of layers so let’s get to it first thing I’m going to do is create a chord sequence and then we’re  going to break those chords apart and use them in different instruments and that’s how we’re going to create all these nuanced layers so let’s save this first let’s see Lane 8.

I’m got C-Vid 19 so I’m going to call this Lane-19 not particularly creative but you know that’s that’s the score that’s the score so um let’s create a synth first and that’s what we’re going to work out the chords with let’s just choose a wave table today  now if you don’t have a keyboard like this or you are not that great on music theory the great thing in Ableton is that you can actually create a midi clip and then you can choose a scale and that’s going to create a template for you which i think they probably took inspiration  from my template technique but whatever I’m happy because it’s a much better feature so we’re going to choose the same scale as the track road which is b major and if we press scale, now all these notes within the key of b major so it’s very easy to draw in the bass notes and then we’re going to work out the chords from there so let’s draw in some bass notes first for our chords. 

i think that’s probably it and now to build the chords above it we just need to skip a note each time when it’s folded so that’s the third that’s the fifth let’s add a seventh and we’ll even add a ninth as well we just had a seventh the second chord beautiful so nice already straight away and now what we’re going to do is invert these chords to get all the notes a bit closer together within the the range but before i do that I’m going to take the bass notes like this whoops need to hold shift to do that copy them and let’s create a bass channel again I’m just going to use the wave table for most of this because  yeah it’s a great synth and let’s just paste those so now we’ve got our base notes here let’s move them down an octave though grab them all put them down an octave make it more sustained turn it down a bit though choose mono so the bass notes don’t bleed into each other you could add a sub oscillator just to add the low frequencies and then in terms of these chords let’s just move some of these notes to a different well just move them up an octave so they’re all closer together within the range.

i actually preferred them before so we’re going to leave them as they are for the time being  okay i’ve got my magic list next thing we are going to do is create those 

um cool pluck sounds and I’m not sure of the exact rhythm and notes because I’m not copying the track but i’ve listened to it a lot and you know I’m trying to get it similar but it’s more about the vibe that we’re trying to create so we can use this in our own music so let’s call this plucks color that cyan the natural color of synths and again we’re going to use the wave table again boom plugs keeping things organized very important and we can just well actually i think the plucks are more of a harmony than full chords so just two notes playing at the same time so let’s go to the base note of the root note to the track which is b that’s going to make things  easier just to start start with that huh did i not actually drag a wave table on there okay

i don’t know if this this is the right rhythm and let’s make this first one much shorter and it’s all about working on these sixteenths to create this interesting syncopated rhythm and we’re just going to repeat that and this is what we’re going to do we’re going to make this  into kind of like a brassy pluck type sound I’m not we’ll get a kick in next very shortly let’s get the notes in first so that would be i think an f and with the chords. 

Just using the template we’re in the scale of b major  you know i can’t hit a wrong note really it’s it’s great such an easy tool. So let’s get that plucky effect that we want we are going to choose more of a saw wave i think take the frequency down and now we want that frequency to have an envelope applied to it so we’ll apply envelope to to open and close that frequency if we go to matrix select envelope two filter one frequency boom add a little bit of attack to add more of a brassy sound like that add a bit more release to the sound

i might take it down an octave actually let’s add a little bit of unison make it wider.

Anyway there you have it guys as i said sorry i haven’t been on top form today feeling a little  bit under the weather but i really hope you’ve enjoyed this and learned some new tips today  and you can download this Ableton project file all the samples completely free below this video. 

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