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How to Produce Organic House Music like Anjunadeep

by MMP

Learn how to product organic house music like Ajunadeep style artists from EDMtips.

Producing Music like Anjunadeep Artists

If you’ve ever listened to Anjunadeep, you’ll know that it sounds like no other deep house label. The striking thing about their music is how organic and spacey it is; not all of the songs sound as if they were made with synthesizers. That’s because they often are: while the artists may use some computer-based sequencing and automation, a lot of Anjunadeep music comes from instruments like pianos and pianos-esque keyboards, guitars, strings and synths created with physical modelling synthesis.

In this post we’ll investigate what makes the studio production at Anjunadeep so different from other labels out there.

Of course, the most common instrument used at Anjunadeep is the piano. It’s an instrument everyone knows and is easy to learn, which means they can get a wide array of sounds from it. The pianos usually have a warm, rich tone and sometimes a slightly compressed/limited sound which helps give them their signature sound.

Synths and computer-based synths don’t feature as much at Anjunadeep as they do elsewhere, but they are used throughout the label.

This is a pretty demanding synth though, so we can see why they might avoid using it too much. This is also why they sometimes use strings or plucks to add some of the analogue feel back into their music.

A favourite instrument at Anjunadeep is the guitar, probably because it gives them that organic feel they’re looking for. There are two kinds of guitars used: solo guitar and guitar plucks. The solo guitars are used in a similar way to synth leads, while the plucks are more like synths when they’re short and sharp (or sometimes even longer and sustained).

Drum Patterns of Anjunadeep music producers
Anjunadeep’s drum patterns are pretty weird, but that’s what makes them distinctive. Often the drum patterns are very sparse, but this thing gives them a certain kind of energy and make their music stand out amongst others.

Bass Lines
The bass lines in these songs can be one of the most amazing things about them. Because they have so few notes, they have to be really creative and inspiring with their sounds. This song is actually using two basses!

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