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Start to Finish with Jonas Saalbach

by MMP

Production Music Live hosts Jonas Saalbach as he all his thoughts & techniques for a start to finish track while jamming with his analog gear and using samples.

This StarttoFinish Music Production video is 99 minutes long and includes a wide range of techniques for creating music.

Hey guys my name is Jonas Saalbach. Welcome to a new studio jam for production music live. I have also recorded a master class with the guys like very detailed inside one of my album tracks transformation.

I think that’s very interesting for you we speak about mixing we speak about sampling using analog gear and arrangements so go and check this out.

Today we are doing a studio jam i don’t know the samples i’m using so everything’s like really free in the jam and i guess there will be some parts where i’m searching for a sound or an idea so this might be a bit boring for you just go and get a coffee or stay with me.

Before we start i would like to show you my music studio a little bit and the analog hardware i’m using for that jam so i hope that’s interesting for you and as same with the last session you can ask me anything

I have a lot of analog synthesizers here everything is connected with Ableton live going into my computer before that i’m using two interfaces from so all my synthesizers go into those interfaces and then i have them on separated channels.

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