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What is Compression? – The Basics of Compression Explained

by MMP

Sweetwater’s Jacob Dupre introduces you to one of the most important mixing techniques — setting up a compressor. Compression is one of the most important tools engineers have to shape individual tracks into full mixes, and it can be considerably confusing when you’re just getting started — unless you have Jacob to help you out!

Today we are going to talk about compression and compressors and what they do and a little bit about why you should use them.

So by the end of this video you’ll have a good basic understanding of what compression is in music how a compressor works and then again a little bit about how to apply it in your mixing.

So what is compression?  Basically compression is when you have an audio signal which has loud and soft parts and you bring them closer together you literally compress them and how do you do that with a compressor. 

In this case we have a compressor plug-in that i’ve loaded into a daw now the concept of compression is pretty simple right to understand but using a compressor may seem kind of daunting to you and at first it. 

I know when i first used it, it was pretty you know daunting and complicated looking you kind of like I don’t know what this does i don’t know. What this does, I don’t know what this means. But once you learn how to use the most powerful tool you have in anything in music which are your ears a compressor will seem a lot simpler.

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