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CLA Vocals Plugin – The Ultimate Guide

by MMP

Check out this music production ultimate guide to CLA Vocals.

What people are saying about this free CLA Vocals plugin from Waves

Love this CLA Vocals plugin from Waves. I use it LOADS to get a vocal “Shape” before processing. even with everything off it helps isolate that vocals tone.

I think it’s important to point out that the CLA Vocals plugins do not substitute mixing a vocal. It’s a more of an effect to add some extra character to an already mixed vocal. Some mixes may benefit more from the effect than others.

A plugin for vocalists to use in conjunction with their other plugins, effects, and mastering systems. It has two main main functions: Auto-correction to help vocalists keep pitch, and Chorusing to add added effect to vocalist’s voice.

The reverb/delay is quite good as well. I usually use it on the verb instead of the delay as it adds a natural sounding character to the sound. The plugin works really well with FabFilter Pro-R, just need to add some more highs and you’re good to go.

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