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How to Use Battery Kits With Maschine

by MMP

Native Instruments has teamed up with Native Instrument’s flagship product, Maschine, to create a new range of battery kits that are designed specifically for the popular drum machine. These kits feature a rechargeable lithium-ion power supply designed to work in conjunction with the original Maschine controller. The batteries for these kits are included in each kit and can be charged by connecting them directly to your computer via USB.

How to Use Native Instruments Battery Kits With Maschine

Native Instruments originally introduced their Battery Kits for Maschine back in 2009 but this is the first time they’ve released updated versions of those products. Here we will take a closer look at how these new battery kits compare to their predecessors as well as how you can put them into use in your studio.

What is Native Instruments Battery?
Battery was first introduced as an expansion pack for Maschine in 2009, adding a variety of percussion samples and loops to the original software. Since then, the product line has grown considerably with the release of multiple various Battery Expansion Packs including drum kits from some of our favorite producers like Breakbeats From the Future and Big Fish Audio. Each expansion pack contains a number of genre-specific sample kits including drum loops and one-shot samples ready for use in Maschine – all you have to do is drag and drop them into your sampler’s browser for quick access to all those great sounds.

How are Battery Kits often used with Maschine?
Battery kits are often used in audio production to add variety to the sounds being created. The flexibility of these kits makes it easy for users to find the samples that fit their current style and/or project perfectly. Once you’ve come up with an idea for a drum loop or sample skin, Battery Kits can help you create something new without having to break out your full library of samples and loops. With these battery kits, you can jump from one genre-specific kit to another without having to worry about the original drawing up too many samples.

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