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How to Make Techno Kicks Like The Pros

by MMP

In this video, I teach you the theory behind the creation of kicks for Techno. Utilizing Operator a native synth to Ableton, we can create the initial sound source that we will process to reach our desired outcome.

An important note to keep as you go through the tutorial is that this same process is used to create kicks for almost any genre of Dance Music. The only differences in using this method to create kicks for other genres other than Techno is the amount of Distortion, and modulation we do to the kicks.

We’ll be looking at the basics of how to create techno kicks. This will include different methods of synthesis and layering, as well as effects that are popular in techno music.

Producing kick drums is a crucial step in any EDM production. A good kick drum can set the vibe of your song while also providing a solid foundation for other sounds to build on top of. As an EDM producer, you have a number of options when it comes to creating these drums — each one with its own pros and cons.

An alternative method of creating kick drums that I’ve become very fond of over the years. It’s offered some unique benefits over other methods, and can yield some interesting results with a little experimentation.

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