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5 Tricks To Improve Your Tech House Bass Patterns

by MMP

In this Tech House music production tutorial, Zen World will go over some dope tips to get your basslines more interesting and exciting in your Tech House Tracks. The tips include Octave Jumps, Bass Accentuation, Portamento Glides, Melodic Fills, and ABAC Format for your basslines.

Topics covered will include: Octave Jumps in basslines, The Rondo, Melodic Fills, Bass Accentuations, and how to use Portamentos and Pitch Bends.

In the world of house music, there is a lot that goes on behind the scene. Just like in other genres, chart music is composed by various artists, who are often given instructions to create a specific sound and feel. However, in today’s electronic dance music scene, one particular move has emerged from the shadows of this industry: The Tech House Bass Patterns.

These tech house bass sounds become increasingly popular with big names such as David Guetta and Zeds Dead incorporating these into their tracks back in 2011. So what’s so special about these bass sounds? Tech House Bass Patterns not only offer some new artistic flair to your musical compositions but also differentiates itself from other genres of modern day dance tracks.

The growth in popularity of these basslines is not taking place within the confines of their genre, but rather in other genres such as electro house, deep house and progressive house.

The patterns are often used in conjunction with a drum kit which can include kicks, snares and hi hats. This differs from much of the other rhythmical functions within electronic dance music which usually relies on synthesised drums or drum machines. Due to its versatility, it’s also very useful for experimenting with different sounds and effects to develop your own distinctive sound.

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