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How to Load Old MPC 2000 Beats into Newer Akai MPC Beats

by MMP

The MPC 2000 and the newer MPC 5000 share some similarities, but have many differences. One of the most important differences between the two is that you can’t load old MPC 2000 Beats into new Akai MPC Beats. This article will show you how to load Mpc 2000 beats into Akai mpc beats, while still preserving the nostalgia of your old hardware.

How to load MPC 2000 beats into MPC beats

If you are looking to save some money, and don’t feel that the new features of the MPC beats are that important, this article will show you how you can go back to your old mpc 2000 beats.

Here are the steps to Load Akai MPC 2000 Beats onto an MPC 2000:

  1. Get the latest versions of MPC 2000 and MPC 5000, and beatmaker 2. You will also need a Pc-intosh so you can install beats maker in it.
  2. Install your PC- I know this sounds like a trinity problem but believe me there is no easier way to do it, so just find someone with a Mac if you don’t have that capability for free And download the WinXP version of beat maker 2.4 (beats maker is already windows only).
  3. Install beats maker, and then after that, you will have to install the windows version of Akai MPC 2000. Choose the location where the app is going to go and installation will begin- it’s just about a 100 mb or so in size.
  4. Now that you have installed both softwares on your PC- double click to open beats maker 2. And if it is running smoothly, again double click on the MPC 2000 icon which has been installed, and beats maker will open with it automatically.
  5. In beats maker, go to the options and then on the right side of the screen, you should see a box called ‘Mpc 2000 driver compatibility tests’. Click at this box and go through the tests. Once you have done it successfully- click on OK in the upper right hand corner.
  1. Now that everything is fine- press ‘Open’ under beatmaker 2 and select your MPC 2000 drive letter (E:). Then hit OK and wait for the program to load up your beats from there- it doesn’t take that long once you have done this with your MPC 2000 hard drive- so just wait for it until its finished loading up.
  2. Now that you have loaded up your beats- you can already hit play and listen to them- or make some changes if you want to, it’s still beats maker 2.